We encourage the use of the latest release of our products, so we remove the download links to older ones anytime.
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GeezIME for PC:

GeezIME 3.0 Lite (latest) (File Size: 1.99 MB, Released January2014)

GeezIME 3.0 Full (latest) (with additional fonts) (File Size: 3.6 MB, Released January 2014)

GeezIME 2.0 Lite (File Size: 1.9 MB, Released November 2012)

GeezIME 2.0 Full (plus fonts) (File Size: 3.4 MB, Released November 2012)

GeezIME 1.0 Lite (File Size: 1.6 MB, Released November 2011)

GeezIME for Android:

GeezIME 1.0 (latest) download on your android device.


Download Yaga 1.0 Lite (File Size: 0.6 MB, Released November 2011)