Saturday, November 19, 2011

Eri Lingual Solutions

Eri Lingual Solutions is a special interest group of software developers, aimed at delivering high quality solutions related to the Eritrean languages, mainly the Geez based ones. 
This group made its initial release of some products to the public in November 5, 2011, the release included:

  • Able GeezIME - A Geez Input Method Editor,
  • New Geez fonts - Geez Able and Erina Alpha,
  • Tigrinya on screen keyboard - Tosk,
  • Eritrean Sign Language typeface - EriSL,
  • Eritrean Sign Language on screen keyboard - EriSLosk

This end products have been made available free of cost, free of ads and with the right to freely distribute and share them among users. You may download the programs and check them out for yourself.

Download a lite version of the release, which includes the Input method editor, new fonts and Tigrinya on screen keyboard, GeezIME Lite.
[ We are looking for easy and good file sharing service, so your referrals would be appreciated.]

A number of other solutions are also under-construction and will be made available here with time.
Updates on existing products and News on new releases will be posted here in this blog.

Any feedback, opinions, comments or questions are welcome, use this blog or email them straight to


  1. I tried you program and i congratulate you, it is the finest i have come across after a long search. I thought there should a better tigrigna writing software out in the internet and i finally got yours. professionally well documented, friendly and above all free, that great contribution for the language. thanks guys

  2. GeezIME is the finest and most flexible application SW that has ever released ,Compared to any SW that i have ever seen in my computer life , GeezIME offers better reliability, compatibility and “performity”.In fact, the more time you spend with GeezIME , the more you realize that Fitsum went over this product with a fine-toothed comb.
    My admiration on the coming version is so is about perfection....good job fache...

  3. ግሩም ስራሕ ብሓቂ፡ እነሆ'ኻ ይረአ።

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